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Why you should consider a Friday or Sunday wedding in 2021


12 May 2020

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Why you should consider a Friday or Sunday wedding in 2021

Currently there is a constant shifting happening in the wedding industry. For 3 months and counting couples have had to put a pause on their big day. Some are holding their summer dates in hopes their dreams will come true by then. Others have already begun to err on the side of caution and reschedule their celebration.


In the midst of the pandemic many plans are canceled and many events are rescheduled. Time spent on the phone with vendors looking for a common free Saturday to reschedule is becoming increasingly harder. Chicago wedding photographers and venues are booked up well in advance. Due to the nature of their service these vendors can only schedule one event per day. One simple solution is to this problem is choosing to have a Friday or Sunday wedding.

Having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday has its definite advantages.

Budget Friendly Option

Choosing a non-peak day will help you have the vendor team that you want, sometimes at a lower price for your venue. If you choose a peak day when you plan or reschedule you can expect to have added fees from some vendors.

Have the Wedding You Want

To ensure your wedding is what you envisioned, having the vendors you want, your flexibility matters. If all the couples who are planning late 2020 or 2021, weddings persist on having a Saturday wedding, there will be a lot of disappointed couples and out of business vendors. Simply put, there are simply not enough Saturdays in a year to accommodate the number of brides. Selecting a non-peak day will also help keep the vendor in business and therefore ensure they will be around to serve you come your wedding day. In these unstable times, this is a big help.


Keep the Party Going!

Picking a Friday or Sunday allows for more time with the people you love. Your wedding day flies by and you have very limited time with your guests. However, having a Friday or a Sunday wedding can provide an extra day of festivities with these valued people in your life. Having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday you can plan additional Saturday events that allow you to enjoy more time with family and friends before or after your big day. What a great way to extend the celebration! Many couples are concerned because guests will have to take a day off from work and will that effect their ability to come? From my experience, not at all. Your guests love you and are excited to see you married. They will come! They may actually appreciate that they get to spend more time in celebration with you!

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but choosing a non-peak day may help. Regardless of the day you choose I hope that I get to partner with you as your Chicago wedding photographer to make your day perfect.

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  2. Sara says:

    You definitely helped convince us to go with a Friday wedding!

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