Have Your Cake and Eat it too!

2 September 2020

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Have Your Cake and Eat it too: How to Enjoy the Day and Build Memories to Look Back On

Your wedding day flies by so quickly. After months and sometimes years of planning, it’s gone in just a few hours. So how can you slow time and savor your oh-so-special day? Here are a few tips to help you stay present and love every moment of your day.

1. Practice mindfulness

When your belly is full of butterflies fluttering with excitement it is important to remember to breathe. Taking deep breaths can calm your mind and body and allow you to have the awareness you need in the moment. You may also want a mantra for the day to quietly recite to yourself and your spouse. Dhanya Vad’s—“I am grateful” is a simple one to help you realign your mind to the spirit of the day. Also, bringing attention to your senses within a moment can help you feel grounded among the bustle of the day. Take a few moments throughout to pause and reflect on what’s happening by quietly saying to your new spouse “In this moment I see _____… I hear _____… I smell _____… I taste _____… and I feel bliss.” This will take just a few seconds and will be a meaningful moment with your love.

2. Let go.

A lot goes into pulling off the perfect wedding. It’s an enormous undertaking, that’s why you have delegated the details to your wedding planner. They know the ins and outs of the day and are more than capable to handle the details. So, hand over the reins and enjoy the ride. Another resource you want to take advantage of is your Chicago Wedding Photographer. There is no one who has a better understanding of the flow of the day. She will be with you throughout the day and will assist you in making the most of each of the lovely experiences the day holds. The wedding planner and the Chicago wedding photographer are professionals. Relax and let them do their thang!

3. Guard your time

At your wedding you will feel like royalty. Everyone covets time with the beautiful couple on their special day and it may feel overwhelming. Think ahead to post ceremony—skip the receiving line. This string of handshakes and hugs is rushed and impersonal. Instead, think about how you want to spend your reception time. If you want to have time to talk to each of your guests, keep the guest list small. If you want a large guest list, think about having a secret VIP list. At your reception you can go out of your way to have a conversation with grandparents, friends who traveled far distances, or whomever you most want to connect with on that day. Otherwise, you drink, you dance, you feast, and have a fabulous time.

4. Take a “Just-Married” moment

Grab your Chicago wedding photographer and head to a secret location—a rooftop, a garden, or even a beautiful staircase. Hold your new spouse in your arms and feel the joy of realizing you are finally married. This will only take a few minutes, but will be a favorite and unforgettable part of your day.

Don’t let the day slip away! There are many wonderful things to hold onto to savor in the moment and later in your many years of marriage.

Oh and one last tip— don’t save the top tier of your wedding cake!! I know it’s tradition, but here’s a better idea: In the weeks leading up to your one year anniversary, order a mini version of your original cake from your Chicago cake artist. Pop some champagne, pull out your beautiful, hand-crafted wedding album designed by your favorite Chicago wedding photographer, light candles, blast the volume on your first dance song and dance the night away together!! Rekindle those feelings of love and romance – and have some fresh cake that is sups delish!


So there you go! That’s how you can have your cake and eat it too! 😉 Looking for more tips on how to make the most of your wedding day? Check out our expert advice on what to look for in a wedding photographer: click here!

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  1. Samantha Noga says:

    I love these tips! Such a great reminder to stop, enjoy the day, and go with the flow. Definitely easy to forget when surrounded by an overly exciting day.

    • Stephanie Wood says:

      Thanks Samantha! Yes, it’s such a full day of excitement mixed with chaos – Ferris Bueller said it best – “If you dont stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it” 🙂

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