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6 Tips for Choosing a Chicago Wedding Photographer


11 May 2020

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6 Tips for Choosing a Chicago Wedding Photographer


Marriage is the biggest decision you’ll ever make. Choosing a photographer is the biggest wedding decision you’ll make. Once the day is done, all you have left are your photos. Use these tips to help you choose a Chicago wedding photographer that will perfectly capture this once in a lifetime chapter of your life.

“Your photographer will be present in all of your most important moments.”

1. Find someone you’re comfortable with

When your mom is helping you into your dress or your fiancé sees you for the first time. These are just two of many intimate moments you will have on your big day. Your photographer will be there for all of them. Knowing this, you will want that person to be someone you get along with well. If you are not relaxed with them or don’t like their personality during your consult, chances are you will not want them around you all day at your wedding.

2. Establish that they are competent in all lighting situations

When perusing the photographer’s website notice the setting—specifically what the lighting is like throughout the day. A good photographer can capture the moment beautifully regardless of the harsh midday sun or the dark reception hall. Notice these elements as you flip through their gallery.

3. Make sure you’re drawn to their artistic style

There are hundreds of Chicago wedding photographers, each with their own artistic style. While your pictures will hold snapshots of your day they will be through the lens of the photographer. Do you like the style of the artistic eye that will capture these fleeting moments? If you don’t resonate with what you see in their portfolio, you won’t resonate with your final images. So be choosy when looking through galleries.

4. Find a photographer whose work is timeless

Your wedding photos will be the most displayed photos you have—hanging on your wall for decades. In 5 years, 25 years, and 50 years from now you and your loved ones will look back at these photos. What you don’t want are people laughing at cheesy, outdated trends. What you do want is people captivated by the love displayed in this artwork.


5. Determine how well they can manage and navigate a fast-paced wedding day

Your wedding day is long and flies by quickly. Your photographer needs to be as well organized & prepared as your wedding planner as well as being quick & creative. There are hundreds of planned and spontaneous moments happening throughout the day, priceless shots to take. A good photographer keeps up and a great photographer goes the extra mile—laying on the ground, climbing up into trees, whatever it takes to get it right.


6. Hire someone who will care about your wedding as much as they would their own

When picking a Chicago wedding photographer choose one that enhances the importance of your big day and shows evidence of caring about you as a couple. A photographer that sees you as a couple rather than simply as clients will be able to capture the unique personality of your big day.

Your love is special and the wedding day is yours. I hope you find this list helpful in choosing the best Chicago wedding photographer for you!

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  2. Marissa Bonek says:

    Steph, I love this! Finding someone you’re comfortable with is so important! I was really nervous before our engagement photos at first but you talked me through everything and made me feel way more relaxed. We had so much fun!! We chose you to photograph our wedding because YOU CARE. I mean what other photographer lays down on the ground in order to get the best shot 😍 We love how organized and thoughtful you are in the planning of our big day. We are so excited to share our special day with you! Amazing post – very true to who you are!

    • Stephanie Wood says:

      Thank you so much Marissa! It’s been such an honor to get to know you and Justin and I can’t believe the big day is almost HERE!!!! It’s going to be absolutely amazing!!! 🙂

  3. Megan Win says:

    Forever bummed you were already booked on our date 😭😭😭 These are gorgeous, Steph!

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