10 Best Chicago Wedding Venues: If your venue was a cocktail!

2 September 2020

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10 Best Chicago Wedding Venues: If your venue was a cocktail!

When there are so many amazing Chicago wedding venues, how does one choose which is right for your celebration? A venue can help set the mood for your celebration much like a drink can set the stage for the night. Here are the ten best Chicago Wedding Venues paired with their matching cocktails.  

The Chicago Cultural Center—Gin & Tonic

This space is refined and sophisticated. Nothing compares to the stunning architecture of this Chicago staple. Your guests will automatically feel more cultured as they navigate these halls smartly dressed with a gin & tonic.

Walden Chicago—Manhattan

            The venue with the classic high-society city vibes. The stunning space includes a fabulous bar and great natural lighting. Your guests standing smartly dressed by the bar Manhattan in hand is the flawless picture of classiness. One your Chicago wedding photographer is sure not to miss.

Peggy Notebaert Nature MuseumFizzy Pear

This venue is down-to-earth elegance. Surrounded by such natural beauty, you will feel as light and sweet as a fizzy pear cocktail. This up-scale setting is the perfect setting to your evening ceremony.

Café Brauer—Old Fashioned

This space is preppy and timeless. Walk out on the balcony with your new spouse on your arm and an Old Fashioned in your hand to steal some precious kisses in the moonlight. Your Chicago wedding photographer will meet you out there to capture this intimate toast.

Room 1520—Moscow Mule

Room 1520 can be described as upscale boho chic. This mix of glamorous and industrial has that charmingly intimate vibe. Which is why the presentation of a Moscow Mule embodies the feel of Room 1520 perfectly. So, grab your copper mug and head to the rooftop with your Chicago wedding photographer for some fresh air photos.

Chez Wedding Venue— Cosmopolitan

Chez Wedding Venue is all Hollywood glam. The martini glass will feel right at home in this modern space with its clean lines, high ceilings, and crystal chandeliers. The luxurious locale is the perfect backdrop to help you shine in your spotlight.

The Loft on Lake—Vodka Martini

This venue is a luxurious blank canvas. Add your own flavor and flair and this space and build the atmosphere that epitomizes your relationship. This intimate loft has romantic lighting and is dance floor ready.

Ovation Chicago—Negroni

Ovation is a modern, industrial space with a vintage garnish. Have your Chicago wedding photographer snap a picture next to the 1959 Rolls Royce or the Steinway Grand Piano. The photobooth and DJ will help to polish of the perfect reception.

Chicago Illuminating Company—Mojito

Chicago Illuminating Company is a romantic oasis right in the heart of Chicago. Like the mojito it is fresh and fun at this venue. You’ll feel like you’re already on your honeymoon in this relaxed atmosphere. Be calm and dance the night away.

The Art Institute— French 75

The Art Institute of Chicago is avant-garde. Its cascading staircases and priceless works of art make this space the place to be. It gives forward-thinking and creative vibes. What better way to display your best fashion moment than in this immaculate venue.

The venue is the backdrop of one of your biggest life events. Make your selection, grab your drink, and raise a glass to your love story. Cheers!

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